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I have found I can tell more truths in fiction than non-fiction. But whether I write fiction or non-fiction, it's always about delivering a compelling story.

Screenplays and Books

"THE INSIDE WAR" a feature crime thriller

Logline: A US-based ISIS soldier, saved from an unexpected bomb by a mystic, must uncover a national malevolent plot that would martyr him and kill millions. 


"SEEDS" a feature dramedy

Logline: A South Central L.A. boy learns from a fairy to command magical garden plants to heal his parents and community, but must fight a bullying junk food store owner who thinks it’s black magic and tries to destroy it. 


"THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MAGGIE" a feature coming-of-age fantasy.

Logline: A young woman escapes her priest father's home, ends up at an ashram and discovers a new spiritual power: healing others through sexual intercourse.

"THE DAEMON" a feature psychological thriller

Logline: A divorced woman, haunted by her inner shadow daemon, projects her fears onto her lover, who then transmutes into her worst nightmare.

WHEN WOMEN ARE BORN a thriller novel

When a therapist takes on an assignment to prevent rape in a small Saskatchewan town where the men outnumber the women seven to one, she discovers even the most trusted are suspects and must save herself before she is victimized.


An  exploration of an evolving relationship between a father who had incested his daughter and a young woman who had been incested by her own father. Co-authored by Richard Schmorleitz.


Writing is a collaborative process. I can help you bring your story, book, script or speech to reflect what you really want to say in the most entertaining way.  Taught by the best in the business, I also write pursuasive copy for websites, brochures and ads that instantly attract new clients and customers.

My Journey


Feature Screenplays: 

“The Inside War”: a crime thriller (Recommended by Extreme Screenwriting)

“Seeds”: a dramedy (Recommended by Extreme Screenwriting)

“The Gospel According to Maggie”: a sexy coming-of-age drama

“The Daemon”: a psychological thriller

Treatments: “A Skating Life”, “Jungle Shade”, “Women with Guns”, “Sex Strike”


Novel:  When Women Are Born: a female therapist in a town where men outnumber women seven to one.

Short Stories:  The Bull Leaper: (published in Timber Creek Review and in Pebbles); A half beautiful-half deformed teen discovers what’s really beautiful and ugly.

The Song I Never Heard: A pivotal moment of realization changes all simultaneously.

Children’s: Jiyu and the Treasure: A Buddhist tale of a child’s journey to enlightenment.

Non-Fiction:  The Stories My Mother Never Told Me: an exploration of incest wounds between two strangers.



Always Take Your Wallet On Stage by Johnny Rivers

Marriage on the Spiritual Path: Mastering the Highest Yoga by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

The Art of Comedy by Paul Ryan

Separated at Earth by The Psychic Twins

Change Your Story, Change Your Life by Beatrice Elliot


Published author and ghostwriter of articles, reviews and personal essays for various national and local publications such as Natural Health, Ms. Fitness, Real Talk LA, Aquarian Times, Health and Fitness Journal, The Beach Reporter, The Easy Reader, The Bay Review, The Argonaut, Living Buddhism and The World Tribune. 


Freelance writer of web copy, brochures, radio and print ads, direct mail, press kits, articles and infomercials for:

Daily Planet Communications:  Copywriter for Arthur Andersen ads and website

Impulse Advertising: Infomercial for Met Life 

Disaster Medical Assistance Corp.: Publicist, copywriter

Communiquest:  Copywriter and junior publicist

The Alexander Haagen Company: Assistant marketing director

Miramax Films:  DVD menu content writer

Various businesses: Copywriter, publicist, infomercial screenwriter


Graduate of ScreenwritingU’s Master Certificate Screenwriting Program, Writer’s Bootcamp, Hollywood Screenwriting Institute. UCLA Extension, Santa Monica College, Otis Parson’s School of Art

UCLA English Literature major