Screenwriter and Author

"SEEDS", a Family Fantasy Feature

A South Central boy, who grows a magic garden and learns from a fairy to command the plants to heal his community, must fight a bullying store owner who thinks it's black magic.

"The Inside War" A crime thriller Feature

 Logline: A US-based ISIS soldier on a Jihad mission survives an unexpected bombing and must uncover a malevolent plot that would martyr him and kill millions.


Novel, Short Stories, Non-Fiction, WRITING FOR HIRE

When Women Are Born

A thriller novel

When a psychologist takes on an assignment to prevent rape in a small Canadian town, she must fight corrput forces that threaten to trap and victimize her.

The Bull Leaper

Short Story, coming-of-age drama

A half-beautiful, half-deformed young woman discovers the secret behind her deformity and must triumph over her mother’s debiliating view of her.

Stories My Mother Never Told Me

A non-fiction book.

An  exploration of an evolving relationship between a father who had incested his daughter and a young woman who had been incested by her own father. Co-authored by R. Meredith Rose

For Hire: Writing and Editing


Marriage on the Spritual Path, by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

The Art of Comedy By Paul Ryan

Always Take Your Wallet On Stage by Johnny Rivers

Separated at Earth by The Psychic Twins

Change Your Story, Change Your Life by Bea Elliot

Good News

"THE INSIDE WAR" -  a crime thriller,  received a "RECOMMEND" from Extreme Screenwriting.

'SEEDS" - a dramedy, received a "RECOMMEND" from Extreme Screenwriting.

Elissa is a graduate of the ScreenwritingU Master Certificate Program

"THE BULL LEAPER", a short story, published in the "Timber Creek Review" 

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Writing is a collaborative process. I can help you bring your story, book, script or speech to reflect what you really want to say in the most entertaining way.  Taught by the best in the business, I also write pursuasive copy for websites, brochures and ads that instantly attract new clients and customers.